Ending Homelessness Requires Teamwork and Passion

It’s March in the Bluegrass. Chances are, even if you’re not a sports fan, you know that means it’s NCAA March Madness time. Ah, yes. Basketball! This year, four Kentucky teams made it into the men’s tournament—UK, Louisville, NKU, and my alma mater, the Murray State Racers! On the women’s side, UK and Louisville also made it in. Congrats to all of these teams! Your hard work throughout the year has paid off.

Operation Victory Helps Homeless Veterans in Kentucky

In October 2016, a Louisville television station aired the story of a veteran who was living in a small shed on his property. The veteran, whose home was destroyed by flood, had been taken advantage of by a construction company that promised to raise his home above flood level and rebuild it. After the company had removed all the brick from the outside and gutted the inside, they took his money and left him with an uninhabitable house. This story captured the attention of many organizations that wanted to help. Representatives from the Greater Louisville Central Labor Council (GLCLC), Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs (KDVA), Kentucky Habitat for Humanity, United Way, Housing Partnership, Inc. (HPI), and other local organizations began to meet on a regular basis to brainstorm how resources could be merged to help not only this veteran, but also, almost 200 other homeless veterans in the area.

Pledge Hope and Share Your Joy This Holiday Season

“Earl” (named changed to protect his privacy) visited the soup kitchen on the day I volunteered to prep and serve food. Trays are counted to track the number of hungry folks who came through for a fresh, hot meal. Some come through the line for another serving or two, because they may not have another meal until the next day or longer, if they are just passing through town. Earl has been coming in routinely for a few months. He is friendly, full of conversation, and shares his smile and gratitude with everyone he meets. Earl reminded me that joy is found within, and that joy can be contagious when freely shared with others…no matter the current status of doing with or doing without. Joy can be shared within a few moments of going through a line.

K-Count Podcast Interviews

In a two-part podcast series about the K-Count and serving homeless populations in the state, Kentucky Housing Corporation’s (KHC) Executive Director, Edwin King talks with rural housing service providers for families and veterans about their tireless work to overcome challenges and provide help, hope, and housing.

Podcast Interview - K-Count - Part 2

Podcast Interview - K-Count - Part 2

In part two podcast about the K-Count of Kentucky’s homeless population, Kentucky Housing Corporation's (KHC) Executive Director, Edwin King, sits down with Caleb Rose who currently serves as the housing and outreach coordinator for the Pennyroyal Veteran’s Center in Hopkinsville, Kentucky to talk about his experience in working with veterans who need help, hope, and housing.