Podcast - Interview with KHC’s Mike Townsend, Recovery Kentucky Program Administrator

Podcast - Interview with KHC’s Mike Townsend, Recovery Kentucky Program Administrator

Kentucky Housing Corporation's Executive Director, Edwin King, sits down with the Mike Townsend, who serves as program coordinator for the Recovery Kentucky program, for an in-depth conversation about the impacts of the program that is designed to help Kentuckians recover from substance abuse, help them gain control of their lives and eventually reside in permanent housing, thus reducing the state’s drug problem which often leads to chronic homelessness. This podcast always pays tribute to the late Don Ball who was one of the most influential, humble, kind, and compassionate friends to affordable housing with his legacy program, Recovery Kentucky, becoming a national model.

Innovative Workforce Housing Model: Linking Housing with Services and Removing Blight

Safe, decent, and affordable housing can play a significant role in a person’s overall well-being and help shape their future. New research shows that having an affordable place to call home has a positive impact on the resident’s health, ability to maintain a job, and their children’s education. At the Ohio Housing Finance Agency (OHFA), we have created incentives in our Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program to encourage developers to not only build high quality housing, but work with local partners and stakeholders to provide services that enhance the lives of residents and help improve communities.

Top Three Challenges to Building a Scholar House

So what are the biggest challenges to building a Scholar House?  Rob Ellis, Kentucky Housing Corporation, has worked to develop nine Scholar Houses across Kentucky.  He knows better than most how challenging a Scholar House can be, but he also understands that the work is worth the struggle.

Scholar House: Building Independence and Stability for Families

Scholar House is a self-sufficiency program, based on the adult student’s income, that provides housing assistance for those who are full-time students in a post-secondary educational institution. Scholar House students receive counseling, workshops, and support from neighbors and staff, while getting academic or vocational training as full-time students.