Message from Edwin

Riverport Landings – An Intergenerational Community Making Impact

Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC) takes great pride in partnering with organizations throughout the Commonwealth to address the diverse housing needs of our citizens. Many of the projects KHC helps to fund target housing resources to certain populations with specific housing needs – multifamily housing affordable for working families, supportive housing for persons with disabilities, permanent housing to move people from homelessness, energy efficiency and weatherization to make homes healthier and more affordable, repairs and rehabilitation to improve safety for homeowners, new construction to help new homebuyers begin to build equity, and so many more.

Third-World Conditions in a Twenty-First Century America

Each year, KHC and our partners conduct the K-Count, an annual count of homeless adults and families across the state, to monitor the homeless situation in Kentucky. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requires this count to demonstrate the need for resources for housing and services for homeless persons in each community. This year, I thought it would be beneficial to participate in the K-Count, to actually search for and talk with those who found themselves homeless. I would like to thank the staff of Welcome House of Northern Kentucky for allowing me to participate in their count, and the Emergency Shelter of Northern Kentucky for allowing me to visit their facility. My experience left me heartbroken, hopeful, and determined.

Welcome: Learning the “Why”

Welcome: Learning the “Why”

To be successful in any job, meaning and purpose are crucial. When we work toward a mission greater than ourselves, we become greater at achieving our mission. Kentucky Housing Corporation’s mission is to invest in quality housing solutions for families and communities across Kentucky, and we achieve our mission through a broad and valuable network of partners. The meaning and purpose of that mission really comes to life when you assign faces and names to it. When a homeless person finds the shelter he needs during a cold night; when a single mother earns a college degree, gains self-sufficiency, and becomes a contributor to society and pays taxes because of services received in a Scholar House program; when a former addict hugs his children after arriving home from a new job because of the support he received in a Recovery Kentucky program to achieve and  maintain sobriety; when a young newly married couple goes into their local community bank and become homeowners through KHC’s down payment assistance program; we have achieved our mission. Meaning in our work leads to better collaboration when self-motivation gives way to team motivation toward a common cause.