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50th Anniversary Of The Fair Housing Act—The Road Is Long, Let’s Make Sure It’s the Right Road

50th Anniversary Of The Fair Housing Act—The Road Is Long, Let’s Make Sure It’s the Right Road

Since this post is about Fair Housing Month and the 50th Anniversary of the Fair Housing Act, it seems obligatory to make a statement about how far we have come, but how much work remains to be done. On the other hand, if you have been driving on the road for a long time, and you still have a long way to go, it bears asking the question if you are on the right road.

Innovative Workforce Housing Model: Linking Housing with Services and Removing Blight

Safe, decent, and affordable housing can play a significant role in a person’s overall well-being and help shape their future. New research shows that having an affordable place to call home has a positive impact on the resident’s health, ability to maintain a job, and their children’s education. At the Ohio Housing Finance Agency (OHFA), we have created incentives in our Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program to encourage developers to not only build high quality housing, but work with local partners and stakeholders to provide services that enhance the lives of residents and help improve communities.

Displaced Coal Workers Find Careers through New Energy Internships

Randall Howard just completed a new roof, switched an old large front window for a new one, and handed the homeowner the keys to her new door that actually locks. Howard is currently participating in the New Energy Internship program that he started in October 2017 and was placed at COAP, Inc., in Harlan, Kentucky. COAP’s mission is to provide sustainable, affordable, safe, energy efficient and dry housing to moderate-, low- and very low-income residents in Harlan, Bell and Leslie Counties.

Solving Elderly Housing Needs in the Appalachian Mountains through Energy Efficiency

"Ain't nothing like it, oh just ain't nothing like it!" 75-year-old Geneva Lewis repeatedly proclaimed when asked about her new home at Central Crossings in Vanceburg, Kentucky. "I just can't believe it!" Geneva continued. "I just love it! It is so quiet. At night when I go to bed I can go right to sleep."